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Kiera Langston, Birth Doula, CBS, CPE

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I always say "every mother, baby & birth is different", but one thing has remained the same since the beginning of time; mothers and their partners need support. As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist advocate & peer counselor, I  have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 5 years. I recently sat out on this journey as a birth companion also known as a Doula to assist the birthing person and their partner/s hold space. I said that if I could help families regain confidence, reclaim their voice and help them make informed decisions on their journey through (m)otherhood, I would be doing something right.

I am a professionally DONA-trained Perinatal Doula

who journies with mothers and their partner during pregnancy, throughout labor, and after birth to provide emotional, physical and informational support regardless of gender or sex. I support families in every birth situation, whether it is medicated, unmedicated, hospital, home or birthing center.  During pregnancy, I assist the family with discovering their concerns and preferences about childbirth and provide information about holistic and natural remedies to minor pregnancy discomforts. During labor, I focus on nurturing the laboring person, offering reassurance, comfort, and strength. After the birth, I help with breastfeeding and continue up follow up with the family for as little or as long as they see fit


Lactation Counseling 

I have been providing lactation counseling for over five years, servicing mothers all across the country. I consider myself a "lactivist" promoting breastfeeding for all, especially among marginalized people

Birth Doula

I am a DONA trained Birth Doula. I offer non-clinical care for the birthing person and their partner. I use safe and gentle comfort measures to assist the laboring person.

Placenta Encapsulation

Clients describe placenta encapsulation to increase postpartum mood, increase breastmilk supply amongst many other benefits.

Birth Art Keepsakes

Handcrafted custom birth art such as belly casting, belly henna, and belly painting.



"I had trouble breastfeeding with my first child. I was not confident that I would be successful the second time around. Kiera was my cheerleader. She gave me the professional advice and personal encouragement that I needed to nourish my baby for 18 months...Thank you for that. "

-Felicia M.

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Tampa, Fl. Serving Hillsborough & Pasco County