What's in My Doula Bag?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Have you found yourself obsessing over what to pack in your doula bag? Many new doulas will. Here are some items I bring along with me that for the laboring person as well as items I pack for myself.

Find out what must haves every doula need
What's In My Doula Bag

"I decided to pack light, keeping in mind that I am the Doula, not the items in my bag. With that being said, I like to focus on the laboring person to figure out what is needed from me in that moment rather soley on what I brought in my bag. What can I offer her emotionally and physically? I cant really do that if i'm constantly digging in my "bag of tricks", that is not what this Doula Bag is."

So I narrowed it down to the 10 most important items, Let's take a look inside my Doula Bag.

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1. The most important item on this list has to be (DRUM-ROLL, please!) my Doula Bag itself. I was thrilled when I scored this Anti-theft Water Resistant backpack. No matter if you are attending a water birth or hospital birth, it's undeniable that we may get dirty or wet. This backpack has plenty of space to carry a change of clothes, 17-inch laptop, toiletries and all of these items in the picture not including the balls and knee-pad. It has a ton of pockets and some hidden which are great for holding your money and other personal belongings. Did I mention it has a USB Charging Port?

2. Next, let's take a look inside the bag. The Rebozo has been used for centuries by Mexican midwives to help support women in labor. My beautiful bright Rebozo is something I incorporate in my practice. It comes in many sizes and can be used in numerous techniques as comfort measures. I purchased an XL and a regular 6 ft x 5 ft.

3. I keep a small handheld fan in case the birthing person, the partner or myself get hot. We all know how the body's temperatures can fluctuate, especially during labor, and maybe even after during your postpartum visits.

4. While essential oils are popular, I prefer Rosewater as light aromatherapy. The therapeutic benefits of Rosewater include improving depression, balancing hormones, and relieving anxiety. Remember to check with your client and her partner every time before using rosewater. Their senses could be okay with the scent one day and they could totally be turned off by it during labor.

5. My Client's folder of paperwork and a clipboard to hold my DONA release forms for the nurses and doctors to sign. I know this isn't a requirement for all of you Doula vets, but as a newly trained Doula I like to keep in-depth track of my births and these DONA forms work for me.

6. My reusable ice pack used to help cool the mother off and some flameless candles to set the ambiance to a more relaxing atmosphere. This is especially helpful when used in a hospital setting.

7. My wireless headphones, phone and business cards, change of clothes, and toiletries of course.

8. My Doula books: The Birth Partner and Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally. Both books are loaded with tons of information that you may need to glance over in the moment or just something to keep your ideas of comfort measures fresh while waiting for labor to progress.

9. Kneeling pads, these were another great find. They came in a two-pack so I lend my clients one so they can practice comfort measures at home. I feel I will use these often with the bending over and kneeling required.

10. Birthing Ball with Cover included, should I say it? Another AMAZING find...I'm not just saying that. I purchased 2. One for my client to rent from my Lending Library. Not only do I carry my birthing ball in case the hospital or birthing center doesn't have one, but I also bring my peanut ball, I later found out this also comes in a two-pack. Another great tool for the mother to use during labor.

Well, That concludes my doula bag tour. Not pictured are my toiletries, change of clothes, light snacks and money for the vending machines. Leave a comment or tweet me on twitter letting me know what you have included in your Doula Bag.

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